TWT #4:

Just got done having a threesome with Debbie Downer and Negative Nancy.

Just in time to go to the opening ceremony of my Olympics.

From Swedish TV.

TWT #3:

I sent an email to Kraft two days ago offering to be the spokesman for their Claussen Kosher Dill Pickles
I told ‘em I have an up and coming band
they didn’t respond.
Might have been ‘cuz I sent it to their customer service hotline.

Tweeting without Twitter #2:

I ran 4 miles today no problem.  I’m thinking about getting into fitness but I’m worried that it might not be fun.

The Grindstone Kid goes to Karaoke.                                 Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

The Grindstone Kid goes to Karaoke.                                 Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Oboe Player Wanted

apply in person by knocking on the door of

166 1/2 W. 4th Ave.

Columbus OH 43201

Hello Columbus

…in Ohio for the first time in 2011.  It feels good to be home.

We’re recording an LP April 25-May 1 at Columbus Discount Recording.

Also, we have two shows coming up:

Wednesday, April 20 @ House Bar in Bloomington, IN

Saturday, April 30 @ Carabar in Columbus, OH

Tweeting without Twitter #1

so I’ve finally gotten around to doing some research into this whole “Indie Rock” phenomenon, and the results are surprising — despite the tremendous effort put into cultivating an attitude of effortlessness, the stacks of cash spent on vintage gear to somehow suggest a denial of capitalism and conformity, and the practice of deliberately obscuring one’s diction so that the audience can’t receive the message that the singer is trying to deliver, the biggest irony turns out to be that the music is played by BEARS and uses REPETITION as its fundamental principle and yet VERY LITTLE OF IT BEARS REPEATING.



Notes from the field #2

Two days ago, I was offered the use of a house in the South Carolina swamp for recording.  The was one caveat:

"the only thing is

if you make a lot of money

remember that I like small motorcycles

with big engines”

Everybody’s talkin’ ‘bout them deeemos!

From Chris DeVille’s Sensory Overload Blog:

"The honorable Philip Kim tipped me off to new music from Andrew Graham and Swarming Branch streaming on MySpace for your listening pleasure. Click through to hear “Holy Joeys, Congnoscenti, Tar Babies and Love”, “The Pounce” and “Final Boss”.

If the titles alone don’t pique your interest, perhaps reports of their sonic splendor will. Graham’s Bob Dylan/Lou Reed enunciated storytelling remains intact, but his band’s arrangements are more luscious and ripe than ever. He seems to have abandoned the no-chords policy of “Andrew Graham’s Good Word”, much to the benefit of his intelligent stomp and sway. Tales of QVC, faux intellectuals and video game hegemony come alive with rich, warm arrangements. Listeners who loved “Good Word” will dig this, and those who passed on that record will probably enjoy it too. Here’s to Mr. Graham’s continued artistic evolution.”